nk-football is a NetKernel demo application designed to provide working examples of a number of core Netkernel features.

Functionally, it reads a set of individual English premier league football match results from a CSV file, writes them into a SQL database, then shows how to write derived resources based on that dataset. For example, generating a league results table.

It shows examples of a number of NetKernel features, including:

  • Standard Module structure with multiple root spaces
  • Expose the contents of a CSV file as a resource
  • Writing derived resources
  • Using HDS2 representations
  • Saving and querying data from a SQL database
  • Embedded module documentation
  • JUnit and XUnit testing
  • Gradle builds using the NetKernel gradle plugin

It also includes an interesting Development Diary with notes written as the project was developed. Design, refactoring, gotchas are all covered.

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