Worked Examples

This page collates a series of example NetKernel projects that include step-by-step descriptions of the development process.

Over The Shoulder of the ROC Development Process

Written by Dr. Peter Rogers in 2011, this two-part series describes a real-world client project for Steria Benelux. The problem itself was a message processing system. But what makes this example very useful for others learning how to “think” in ROC is that Peter created his own sketch of the solution as a zip file and documented the programming steps he undertook at each stage at a detailed level (including fixing individual typos!). Here, it was the development commentaries that I found most useful in understanding his outside-in approach to implementation.

Architecture Boundaries (from Part 1)

Part 1 - NetKernel Newsletter 18th March 2011

Part 2 - NetKernel Newsletter 25th March 2011


When I first came across NetKernel in early 2014, it was working through the Tic-Tac-Toe series of tutorial articles on Resource Oriented Analysis and Design published in the NetKernel Newsletter that really helped me to get my head round both the unique technology of ROC, and also the nuts and bolts of developing software in NetKernel. The tutorial discussion approach inspired my own development diary in the nk-pks project.

I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning NetKernel and ROC to spend some time working though this 9-part series. If you want to cut to the chase and get the summary in one hit, go straight to Part 9.

Part 1 - ROC vs Classical approach, resources

Part 2 - Module, XUnit tests, mapper, grammars and dummy resources

Part 3 - State persistence using NetKernel PDS resource model

Part 4 - Persistent cell stae using RDBMS, and modelling composite resources using declarative composition, not imperative code

Part 5 - WWW front-end module, working from the edge to the middle

Part 6 - Linked data resources

Part 7 - Constraints and Transreption, using context

Part 8 - Using layered contexts to reduce the set of potential resources to solve the problem

Part 9 - A summary of ROC design principles


My first attempt at writing a NetKernel application from scratch was to re-implement the core of a real Java OO project that I had recently been working on. Inspired by Tic-Tac-Toe, I wrote a Development Diary along with the code, which is embedded in the nk-pks project as a NetKernel documentation book.