Troubleshooting & Debugging

NetKernel tools and techniques for identifying and diagnosing errors and faults in your applications.

System Healthcheck (EE only)

To quickly spot errors as you change your code, keep an eye on the ever-present system healthcheck icon in the header of the Backend Fulcrum application when running the Enterprise Edition (EE):

NetKernel System Healthcheck

NetKernel System Healthcheck


Attaching a debugger to a NetKernel instance

To remote debug a java endpoint in a running NetKernel instance:

  1. Start the NetKernel instance by executing ./ -debug in the [Install]/bin folder. This will open a remote debugger port 8000.

  2. In Eclipse, switch to the Debug perspective, and create a new Debug run configuration “Remote Java Application”.

  3. Enter the hostname e.g. localhost and the debug port e.g. 8000

  4. Run the debug configuration.

  5. In your local dynamic module in Eclipse, set breakpoints on the endpoint(s) you want to examine

  6. Trigger NK requests as appropriate to hit the endpoints you want to debug.